by Shel Silverstein 


Someone ate the baby,

It's rather sad to say.

Someone ate the baby

So she won't be out to play.

We'll never hear her whiney cry

Or have to feel if she is dry.

We'll never hear her asking "Why?"

Someone ate the baby.


Someone ate the baby.

It's absolutely clear

Someone ate the baby

'Cause the baby isn't here.

We'll give away her toys and clothes.

We'll never have to wipe her nose.

Dad says, "That's the way it goes."

Someone ate the baby.


Someone ate the baby.

What a frightful thing to eat!

Someone ate the baby

Though she wasn't very sweet.

It was a heartless thing to do.

The policemen haven't got a clue.

I simply can't imagine who

Would go and (burb) eat the baby.


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